Kalamaja private residence

Kalamaja private residence

    Project Description

    Construction of a private house  with outbuildings.

    In Tallinn, in the milieu-valuable area of ​​Kalamaja, a private house from 1906 was rebuilt into a modern one. The outbuildings built during the Soviet era were completely demolished, as was the partly existing building. The historic architecture of the building, a limestone firewall, decorative elements, and the main door were preserved. A new firewall was laid on the outbuilding from the depreciated limestone foundation.

    More Information

    A two-story private house with a full basement and a shed and shelter was built on the property.

    In addition to the above, the construction contract also included the construction of gardens, gates, landscaping, paving stones, and terraces. It was a complex and sizable construction project, where we needed constructive design throughout the project because the initial expertise did not correspond to reality. The building's utility networks were designed to be innovative and the final interior design is unique.