Tallinn, Trummi 11 reconstruction, renovation

Tallinn, Trummi 11 reconstruction, renovation

    Project Description

    Reconstruction of a private house (1958).

    Alteration and reconstruction of a private house built in the fifties. Old period finishing and insulation layers were removed up to the load-bearing structures. The functionality of the building was altered and the building was expanded with extensions. The project was extremely complex and detailed. The load-bearing structures were rebuilt according to the new spatial solutions. Our contract included the design of constructive and technical units together with construction work. Unique interior design decisions were made in collaboration between the architect and the client. The end result is an impeccable masterpiece.

    More Information

    A unique solution was a steel structure terrace, which was covered with Cumaru decking boards originating from tropical forests. All wooden constructions were made as special orders and were produced uniquely for this object. Klinker clay bricks were used as paving stones in the yard.