Keila dormitory reconstruction

Keila dormitory reconstruction

    Project Description

    Reconstruction and repurposing of Keila dormitory into a 108-apartment rental house.

    Reconstruction of an old Soviet-era panel house built in 1974 into an apartment building. The entire older space solution was demolished and the finishing layers were removed up to the load-bearing structures. New micro-apartments with the modern interior design were built instead. Reconstruction of load-bearing structures according to new spatial solutions. Our contract included the design of constructive and technical units together with construction work. Interior design decisions were made according to the client’s unique vision.

    More Information

    2065m2 apartments and 427m2 of public space were built. The foundation, facade and roof were insulated. New fillings for the openings. Front of the building landscaping and construction of a parking lot. New utility networks and outdoor utility lines.