Tallinn Raua facade

Tallinn Raua facade

    Project Description

    Apartment building in Tallinn, a 1933. building mo$nument, facade works Raua 25.

    The building monument, which was constructed in 1933, was restored. It is a modern pre-war apartment building, which in nature is outstanding and well preserved. Damaged structures in the walls and foundation were restored. Our contract included the design of constructive and technical units together with construction work. Structures and details of cultural value were preserved in their place, restored, and exhibited. The design decisions were made in close cooperation between the architect, the client, and the heritage protection. specialists. The end result was dignified and timeless.

    More Information

    Renovation of the facade and plinth with the restoration of balconies 850m2.

    Link to the register of cultural monuments - https://register.muinas.ee/public.php?menuID=monument&action=view&id=8208